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Ilieana George, Founder of Ilieana George Couture Bridal Accessories

Ilieana George, Founder of Ilieana George Couture Bridal Accessories

I’ve been swooning over this month’s feature vendor’s work for a while now. Her work just keeps better and better each day. Recently, I caught up with Ilieana George of Ilieana George Couture Bridal Accessories.

Tell me more about yourself and Ilieana Bridal Accessories? How did you get involved in designing bridal accessories?

I am a former medical researcher that has always had an artistic side and a passion for creating new things. I started doing Feather Accessories under the brand “Feather Your world”. It was during that time that I fell in love with creating bridal accessories. Towards the end of 2015, I re-branded my company as “Ilieana George Couture Bridal Accessories” and I have continued making accessories for brides ever since.

It is my desire to serve brides globally as I expand my business. IG Couture Bridal Accessories provides classic, trendy, modern and traditional one of a kind bridal accessories. We are based primarily in Toronto but serve brides worldwide. It is our desire to create pieces that make dreams come true and meet or exceed any expectations. Our pieces are unique because they are created to suit each bride individually. With our elegant and whimsical style we strive to enhance the brides outer beauty while capturing their inner beauty through their style choices.





What was the first item you ever made?

The first piece I ever made was a feather fascinator which I then later added a bird cage veil to it for my first bride. It took me about 3 hours to make and I made every mistake possible in the process. At the end I thought this is not worth it, but when I looked at how beautiful it was and then how gorgeous it looked on the bride to be, I felt it was worth it.

What is your most popular bridal accessory?

My most popular bridal piece is the “Shannon” headpiece named after my niece. I made it to represent her simplicity but yet classy.


Bridal Accessories-headpiece-Shannon

What is your favourite piece to create?

My favourite piece to create is bird cage veils. I love that sometimes my mistakes in making them become masterpieces at time and I also love the flexibility of the way you can wear them.

Are all your pieces handmade?

All pieces are handcrafted by me.

How do you choose the names of your pieces?

I name my pieces by family member names. Secondly, I name pieces after friends or other industry women who have inspired me and have been supportive of me throughout my journey.


Wedding headpiece double layered veil by Roxana Silva Photography

What trends are you seeing in your line of work?

Some of the trends that I am seeing in my line of work are vines that contain crystals, pearls and bling. Crowns and halos are definitely going to continue in 2017 with florals complimenting them. In addition, brides tend to be really drawn to items that have just enough sparkle to enhance their look and make them stand out, without being overwhelming.

What advice do you give to brides looking for certain accessories?

My advice to brides looking for accessories is, do not sacrifice what you want for what is available. If you have a vision for your wedding day accessories and you cannot find it, contact us at Ilieana George Couture Bridal Accessories. We will turn your vision into reality.


Beige Fascinator, bridal accessories by Ilieana George Couture

Are your products being offered in any bridal stores as yet?

My line is currently offered in Mona Lisa Bridal Gallery in Toronto, Richmond Hill Bridal Boutique, Canada and Elite Bridal Secrets in Maryland, U.S.A.

How can brides order your gorgeous items?

Customers can purchase items through my website and inquiries can be sent by Direct Message through Facebook and Instagram. Payment can be made via Paypal or Electronic Money Transfer (EMT).

What can we expect from your new collection? Share your secrets.

My new collection will be launched in October 2016. It’s a collection of veils, bird cage veils and cathedral veils.

My secret is to look at what is trending and do the opposite. I feel that there are bride who truly want and like to be unique and I want to be able to provide that. My other secret is to always bring fresh new designs to keep my audience interested and wanting more.


Wedding accessories flower headpiece. Photo by Roxana Silva Photography


Wedding headpiece bird cage veil. Photo by Roxana Silva Photography

What can we expect from Ilieana George Couture Bridal Accessories?

We have a few upcoming features in bridal magazines and blog post features from well-known bridal magazines. We are going to launching a look book in print and currently we are hosting a special bridal giveaway for brides in September, as it’s my birthday month.

Also, we are hosting a Pop Up Shop on October 15, 2016 from 1 p.m to 5 p.m at Bash Event Studio located at 1927 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario. You will be able to shop our new collection before it launches online on October 23, 2016.

Bridal accessories veil by Ilieana George Couture. Photo by Roxana Silva Photography

Bridal accessories veil by Ilieana George Couture. Photo by Roxana Silva Photography

Our readers are going to want to check out all your ah-mazing work. Where can they find you?

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