6 Tips for Navigating Wedding Shows

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T’is the holiday season! Best wishes to all, and hoping that everyone is enjoying the holidays, spending time with friends, family, and sharing in the holiday traditions.

With a wonderful new 2016 fast approaching, the new year heralds not only new resolutions, but new love, new celebrations and new planning! Abundance of wedding shows/expos/conventions, whatever you want to call them, are fast approaching. They will be filled with cakes, wines, fluffy white gowns, music, stationary, flowers, place settings, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, dee jays… are you overwhelmed yet? I am overwhelmed at all the displays and information overload at these events, and I am a vendor!

In order to reduce your anxiety and keep you from breathing into a paper bag, I’ve listed a few tips to help you through the day of information overload!

  1. A list of vendors are usually posted on the Wedding Show’s website. Do a little research and check out the vendors website to see if you may be interested in their services. If you are, call them ahead of the show and introduce yourself. When you attend the show, you will be able to get a more personalized service because they will remember your call. Take the time to talk to them.
  2. Before you go to the show, make a list of the services needed, so that when you attend the show, you can forgo the services not needed, and save yourself a lot of time.

    Scrabble Save Our Date

    Scrabble Save Our Date – Photographer: Unknown

  3. Create labels in advance, with your name, your fiancé’s name, wedding date and email address for all the giveaways you will be entering. Trust me, you’ll thank me later, and won’t have hand cramps!  

  4. Bring your fiancé, bridesmaid or mother with you. They can help you organize and make notes of the booth that makes an impression and wows you.
  5. Stock up on samples!! They will certainly help you in making your final decision on what vendors to go with for your special day.
    Photo board Seating Chart and tent fold table name
  6. Last but not least, many vendors will provide discount packages for their services, always take advantage of them… because really, who doesn’t like a sale?!!

Congratulations on your engagement… and happy planning!!!

SIDENOTE: This is an update to an old blog post.

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  • Nikeicha Gayle-Williams - Amazing tip Judene! Very helpful for Brides-to-Be. I cannot wait to share on Wedding Wednesday 🙂

  • Judene - Thank you Nikeicha for your kinds words and for sharing in advance.

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