Experience Bridal Idol 2010

Bridal Idol 2010
So my friend and I attended Bridal Idol of February 3, 2010. As this was our first time attending, we didn’t know what to expect or if there was food there, how do we dress. Well we figured it all out.

We got to The Whiskey around 9:30a.m. Luckily, they hadn’t started as yet. We quickly realized that we should have gotten there sooner because it was a full house and there were hardly any seats left, at least, where we could sit and see the performances.

Finally, they were ready to begin. According to the rules, up to 4 brides or the person they nominate to sing, would sing 2 songs each and at the end of the night 2 brides would move on to the semi-finals. That night, there were 3 brides. One couple had to leave (for unknown reason).

Bride #1, Jessica, she nominated her friend Chantel to sing. You can view her performance on our facebook page.

Next up, Bride #2, Lindsay. She came up with her sister, Laura and boy, were they ready to perform. There was no stage fright here. They rocked the house with their performance.

Youtube video of Lindsay and Laura”s performance

In between the first and second songs, bar patrons sang karaoke.

Finally, it was time for their second song. Chantel was definitely in her element when she sang “Why Haven’t I Heard from You.

Bridal Idol on Youtube

Again, Lindsay and Laura countered with their version of “Piece of My Heart” and man did they perform.

As I said before, they both moved on to the semi-finals but someone had to receive the prize for the night. The votes were tallied by the judges and it came down to approximately 45 votes between the ladies. But, there can only be one winner and the prize of the night, a gift certificate from Picture This Framing, went to Lindsay and her fiance, John.

So if you are engaged or know someone who is, register for Bridal Idol 2010. Bring your family and friends and have some fun. Of course, great prizes to be won.

To view pictures and videos from Bridal Idol 2010, click on widget to the right.

Bridal Idol 2010 runs for another 5 weeks. Wednesday nights at The Whiskey, 300 Ouellette Ave, Windsor at 9:00p.m. and Friday nights at The Victoria Tavern, 400 Chilver (in Olde Walkerville) at 7:00p.m.

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